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1. Keyboard layout and encoding

If you want to search Mongolian word, you have to write in cyrillic with Unicode encoding. However you can use old Mongolian keyboard driver which applies Windows-1251 encoding but the search might be work slowly. It is impossible to search mongolian words in Latin script. If you type latin characters, Bolor recognise it as English word and search direction will be automatically set to the English -> Mongolian. If you write in cyrillic then the direction will be defined as Mongolian->English.

2. Search

You can search for single or multiple words. Wildcard search is possible by putting an asterisk (*) before or after a word. The search is case insensitive. For example: If you want to find the entries which starts mongolian, you can input like mongolian* . If you want to find the entries which contains mongolian, you can input like *mongolian*. For the words which ends with монгол then please input like *mongolian. If you want to have only exact results please use double quote. For instance: "golden sun" etc. The search is case insensitive.

3. Search option

When checked Link Results? in search box all words in the results table are hyperlinked so that you can easily look up those words without having to type them in the search field.

4. Results

Bolor dictionary shows the results into 3 classes that are Exact, Similar and Approximate. Exact matches are classified into Exact results. Similar results are collocations which contain request words. All other results like example entries are classified into Approximate. The results are sorted by word classes which are noun, adjective, verb etc.

There is possibility to explore english words more details. For that you can click on the button.

Currently the results are limited to 100.

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